Life of the Lion

I am a 30-year old African American male living on the West Coast. I am a Leo, hence "Life of the Lion". This is my life, my pain, my joy, my laughs, my tears, my downs, my ups, and my passions in this life. This is my blog. This is me, uncensored, mind, body, and soul.


deep fried bacon wrapped hot dogs


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Greek pasta salad

Hey! Im a 16 year old amateur photographer from the Northwest! With unlimited things to do and awesome people to do them with. I am always taking new photos and sharing them on my blog. My photos are of anything that catches my eye or anything I think could spotlighted in a unique fashion. I take pictures because I love doing it and it would be amazing to share something I love with other people. Hope you enjoy. 

Adler Planetarium - Chicago - Illinois - USA (von Chris Smith/Out of Chicago)

Hamilton Island, Australia - LadyLuxuryTravel and see the world

Belarus | Serg Dombrovsky

_DSC0083_1 by Carbho on Flickr.